Reading What I Wrote

Reading What I Wrote

Feed back about my work has been mixed lately, those that liked it read it aloud; those who didn't like it didn't. Once my poems were read aloud, those that didn't suddenly did. So, I post this advice: read my poems out loud, you might just hear something you didn't know was there...

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Spoiler Alert!!

Let the story unfold.
Do not skip forward to reveal.
Knowing what is to come,
Makes the heart numb before it feels.
Let the story tell itself -
From beginning to end.
For there is meaning in the journey,
What the author intends.
Revel in the process
Of living in the moment
(Not in what comes next)
Sometimes now is now
And is purposed to perplex.
Don't give in
To what others know.
It may take the story for a ride
Where it wasn't supposed to go.

© 2014 Deanna Repose Oaks
All Rights Reserved