Reading What I Wrote

Reading What I Wrote

Feed back about my work has been mixed lately, those that liked it read it aloud; those who didn't like it didn't. Once my poems were read aloud, those that didn't suddenly did. So, I post this advice: read my poems out loud, you might just hear something you didn't know was there...

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Butterfly Wings

(Photo inserted from Wikipedia)

They say a butterfly can start a tornado a half world away
But we never think of this as we go about our day
We never think of what affect we have in the world
The things we do are just there, hurled
Out into oblivion, no matter the effect on others
Until the weight of the world starts to smother
What difference in the world do I make
With every breath that I take?
What would have happened had I crashed my car?
Would the people hit still be who they are?
With their path changed, forever that day
Is the world changed in an irrevocable way?
What of the creativity that came of that choice
Did that become a heard voice
Or just some other dribble in a world full of noise
Or will it become a thing full of joys?
We all need to stop and think of what effect we exude
Into the world before it's screwed.

© 2012 Deanna Repose Oaks
All Rights Reserved