Reading What I Wrote

Reading What I Wrote

Feed back about my work has been mixed lately, those that liked it read it aloud; those who didn't like it didn't. Once my poems were read aloud, those that didn't suddenly did. So, I post this advice: read my poems out loud, you might just hear something you didn't know was there...

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Everyday Things

Everyday things, the ones we all face
Can be profound, if given a place,
Translated into a greater meaning
As part of our convening
There just needs to be that one string
That ties it to the whole thing
One idea that solidifies thought
Keeping the string completely taut
Taking that thing we use everyday
Changing it to convey
Deeper meaning than we knew could be
While keeping it relevant to you and me
Helping us learn and look anew
At these things we see and do

© 2012 Deanna Repose Oaks
All Rights Reserved